Mango Resort is the only Eco-Friendly Resort on Saipan. The entire resort has been carefully designed to protect the Environment and to ensure the guests have a worry-free dreamed vacation. It is not only green for its concept but for the plants, frees and flowers we start growing since we opened the resort.


* The resort most prized and well sought-after feature is our healthy salt-water pool, crystal clear and friendly to the skin, from our unique and new technology. Guest say the best days they had were relaxing by the Mango Pool.

* Mango Resort is extending its eco-friendliness and care for the resort guests by being wireless and soundless. The resort has hidden all electrical wires underground. The resort power generator and the pool cleaning systems are underground as well, to enhance your privacy and rest. Look up and enjoy the Kaleidoscope of Stars on a balmy tropical night sky along with the silence and peacefulness only a stay at the The Mango can provide!


* No microwave! All rooms have kitchenettes with medium to full size refrigerator, toaster oven, and a butane stove, basic selection of dishes, and cutlery, and a selection of pots and pans, designed for

simple in-room dining or warming-up left-overs from the fridge.


* All rooms have a private bathroom with bathtub, a balcony, ceiling fan and a separate Eco-friendly quiet A/C unit.


* All furniture, beds, closets, cabinets, and chests located in The Mango rooms are home-made from beautifully polished Mahogany wood, by the talented in-house staff of the resort. This and other locally made items, and features are one of the many secrets of why guest say The Mango feels like Home.


* Weekly Maid service is part of the Resort Environmental program. Towels replaced during the week upon request. Daily maid service can be required for additional charge of $10 per day.



* A large children's playground with toys, with hygienic and anti-allergic clean sand is available anytime with parents’ supervision. A perfect children's swimming pool is open for family enjoyment.


* Mango Resort is in five (5) minutes’ drive from our Mango Beach property, next door to the Aquarius Beach Tower. Our own shuttle-bus service is FREE and available for registered guests of ‘The Mango’. Shuttle buses operate 7 days a week as often as needed either on the hour or every other hour (schedule based on resort occupancy). Check the daily shuttle service schedule posted in the lobby.


Mango –esort Exclusive: Pacific Family Chiropractor

Dr. Jonathan Goins is the Only Chiropractor available in the Northern Mariana Islands. Mango Resort staff and guests at The Mango are lucky to have Dr. Goins’ only treatment office on–site at The Mango. Customers say, Dr. Goins just happens to be the best Chiropractor in the Pacific Ocean! Should you have a ‘crick in your neck’, or you just want a Natural health treatment from a dedicated Eco/Natural Methodologists, you will want to treat yourself to one of Dr. Goins “Body Turn-Ups”. Guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and great after.

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Mango visited Russian Far East

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